New Build St Andrews

Situated on a narrow site, to the south of St Andrew’s historic core, this flatted development utilises a simple rectilinear form in order to maximise spatial efficiency. The project removed an ill considered single storey, flat roofed newsagent that was unbefitting of its residential, pitched roof context tieing the new development back into its context by adding a two storey pitch roof building. The brief and schedule of accommodation was demanding for the site, resulting in a two storey house type, with a large two bedroom ground floor flat and two smaller one bedroom flats above.

Optimising natural light in this constrained site was a must with public zones within the plan predominently south facing living; the plan utilises clear zoning between public and private spaces with orientation of public living space to the south and private accommodation to the north. Within the upper floor, maximising natural light was essential, with large rooflights installed, vaulted ceilings and feature floor to ceiling gable glazing. Additionally the compact site sought to minimise overlooking to neighbouring adjacent properties, tightly flanking the site to the east and west making use of top-lighting.