Group of New Build Houses

The development of a constrained greenfield site set in the Carse of Gowrie, consisting of three residential dwellings with associated external works and landscaping. The aim was to provide a residential development rooted in the local context.

The development offers two facades, one public and one private. To the public side, there is a sense of privacy and enclosure through the orientation of the dwellings and the materiality of the elevations with small penetrations through the solid façade of stone and traditional wet dash render. To the private side, the dwellings open up to the amenity space with large areas of glazing to the living spaces on the ground floor and master suite on the upper level.

The dwellings have been positioned in a stepped configuration to allow for each house to be viewed upon the approach to the site. This move also ensures one property does not restrict the natural sunlight for the adjacent property to the rear amenity and internal living space.