Chester’s Coffee House, Perth

The Category C listed property at 33 St John Street in Perth has fully tiled interior walls dating back to 1898 when it was the premises for McKendrick’s Butchers. The impressive tiled interior designed by Maw & co of Ironbridge was previously hidden by display shelving, however our client was keen to reveal the original features and use them as the basis for the coffee shop design. The functional additions of the kitchen and servery were integrated in a sensitive manner into the main shop without making any changes to the tiled walls. The original timber floorboards were revealed during the refurbishment and it was decided that these would be treated and left as they originally were.

The uneven surface of the floor is another aspect which has given character to the space. The external façade of the property has been carefully restored to celebrate its historic character. Working with a local graphic design company allowed the branding and external signage to be thoroughly designed to enhance the presence of the shop front on St John Street. The shop is quickly becoming a point of interest with locals and visitors due in part to its quirky and unique interior.