We’re a Chartered Practice of Architects based in the heart of Dundee. We work with homeowners and businesses throughout Scotland to deliver successful projects. In the early days, the practice worked primarily on residential projects but over the years we’ve branched out and taken on a number of commercial projects. At our core though, we are still very much a residential architecture practice.


Our approach from the outset at Jon Frullani Architect is to offer a full range of architecture services in-house. This means you can relax, safe in the knowledge that we’ll take care of everything. From feasibility studies, planning applications, building warrants, construction, right through to the interior design of your completed project; we offer a true one-stop-shop architecture service.


Feasibility Study

The majority of our projects start with a feasibility study. We investigate the potential of your site and identify the viability of your project. We’ll develop schemes; compare them thoroughly, before selecting the most suitable for your requirements. Once selected, we’ll create a programme of work.

Planning Applications

Once we’ve got client approval, we’ll produce detailed drawings of the project for planning application purposes. Our job is to provide a comprehensive package of information so that to give your project the best chance of being approved. We’ve got strong relationships with the Local Authorities we work with. This means we’re ideally placed to support your application through the entire process. If we suspect there could be a contentious issue with the application, we’ll have a conversation with them, before submitting the application. This reduces the likelihood of the plan being rejected and can save you the expense of redesign fees.

Building warrants

When the Planning Application is approved, the next stage in the process is to submit a building warrant application to the Local Authority. The warrant is more a detailed document that includes technical drawings and specifications relating to structure, drainage, thermal performance, fire safety electricity & heating etc.


The construction phase of the project is where your original vision and our carefully designed plans become reality. We act as a liaison between you and your contractor to provide project management support throughout your build. We’re firm believers that communication is the key to successful projects.

We’ll manage the building contract throughout the duration of the process. We follow the RIBA Plan of Work framework to make sure nothing is missed. We'll liaise with Structural Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and any other consultants required to support your project. We’ll take as active as a role as you require, ensuring the project is a complete success.

Interior design

For some architects, their job ends once construction of the building is complete.We take a different approach. We offer a full Interior Design service to turn the plans and experience to make it happen.

Our interior design services aren’t just for our architect clients. If you already have a fully completed project, or a living or working space in need of an interior overhaul, we’ve got the skills and experience to make it happen.

Other services

In addition to our core architecture services, we also offer the following – Measured Surveys, License Drawings, 3D Visualisation, Masterplanning, Title Deeds Plans and trusted provider for you. Just ask.